Influencer Services

Career Management

Consultation and guidance to advise you in your career as a social media influencer.


Strategy & Execution

Develop and execute a long term strategy that leads you towards your goals.


Sign-on Package

A personalized sign-on package to welcome you as our client, along with a few bonus gifts.


Product/Brand Deals

Sponsorships and ad deals so that you can monetize your social influence and promote brands you love.

Travel Management

We’ll manage your travel arrangements including flight/hotel bookings to events, conventions, etc

SOTA Technology

State of the Art tech at your full disposal to help you manage your social presence, finances, and analytics.

Channel Optimization

Experts to help you optimize your YouTube content to maximize viewership and revenue.


We only work with influencers we are proud to call ours and proud to promote across all of our platforms.

Personalized Support

Our roster is small and concentrated with talent. This allows us to provide personalized support to all of our clients.

Strategy Session

Set up a time to speak with someone from our team to explore and discuss a potential collaboration or partnership.

Thank you for your message. We will try to answer as soon as possible.